Monday, July 19, 2010

Dale Chihuly Art

We recently walked through the Mayo Clinic's Gonda Building to see the work of Dale Chihuly, possibly the world's most renowned glass artist. I think his art is interesting and fun for kids (and adults) to experience, and I can imagine viewing his work then turning it into a little art activity at home using clay or paints or even melted crayons.

The Gonda Building is located at 200 1st St. SW. I believe there is a tour offered of the entire Mayo Campus ( highlighting the history, art, medical stories) that I would be interested to join sometime.

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Jessica SG said...

I haven't taken the girls to the Gonda Building yet, but we should! I think Ella would love the glass art...thanks again for all the tips on what to do in Rochester! I feel like you do all the research for us :)