Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Soldiers Field: Wooden Castle Park

Surprise, surprise, another park in Rochester that we absolutely love! We have been to Soldiers Field a few times because it is so great. In addition to the wooden castle with slides and swings and bridges, there is a toddler area that is set up like a pretend farm with a barn and a "lake" with a boat, and also a mini-maze made out to resemble a corn field. I recommend going in the evening since mid-day there is not much shade.

Located at 244 Soldiers Field Drive SW.


Lindsey said...

That parks look amazing. Isobel would love it! So funny because before becoming a parent, I had no idea how many parks were in each town I lived... now it is vital to our survival!!

Lindsey said...

I mean, that park... not that parks

Erin said...

We have a wooden park in our community that I love. I sometimes wish they had parks like that when I was little.

We've been missing the parks since it is way too hot for parks right now.