Friday, June 17, 2011

Rochester Honkers

Enjoying an evening at a baseball game is a quintessential part of summer, I think. Although we do have the Twins up in the Cities, right here in Rochester we have the Honkers, a summer collegiate league. They play at Mayo Field, located at 403 E. Center St. Tickets for general seating are $5-$6 (and there is truly not a bad seat in the house). We attended our first game last week. The unusually stiff and humid air took away from the evening- where was that steady Rochester wind? Anyway, I'm sure we'll go again in future years; to quote one of my favorite songs "there's nothing like a view from the cheap seats"!

Go here for a complete Honkers 2011 schedule.

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Bobbi said...

The Honkers are a fun team to watch, and the small stadium is fun because you never feel far from the action.