Monday, June 13, 2011

Lark Toys

With guests in town, I jumped at the chance to explore another nearby town. We ventured to Lark Toys in Kellogg. About a 45 minute drive from Rochester, Lark Toys makes wooden, hand-carved children's toys that are distributed to fine department stores throughout the country. There is a ton to do, from miniature golf to a llama petting zoo, from shopping to a vintage toy museum. The main attraction though, has to be the hand-carved carousel. It costs $2 (per person over the age of 2) to ride. We packed a lunch to eat here, but also indulged in some fried Wisconsin cheese curds and home-made fudge. I am thinking Lark Toys is a place we will be visiting at least once every summer.

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Jourdans said...

My two-year-old loved watching the carousel, but it was a little too fast of a ride for her taste. We loved the different play stations set up around the store, and the hard-to-find items as well.