Monday, August 9, 2010

Chester's Kitchen & Bar

On Friday evening we had the pleasure of dining at Chester's Kitchen & Bar in University Square. We sat on the outdoor patio and had a great evening (a date!) enjoying the good food, great company, live music, and pleasant weather. It was not my first time to eat at Chester's; I also dined there last December when my husband and I were in town for a job interview. Both times I have thouroughly enjoyed my meal. This time we also indulged in the chocolate cake for dessert- yum!

I noticed they do have a few children's items on the menu, so maybe we'll go back with the kids one time (although only to sit outside).

What is your favorite dish at Chester's?

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cassi said...

What a fun little blog!

And my favorite dish from Chester's just happens to be that chocolate cake!