Monday, July 12, 2010

Rochester Downtown Farmers Market

On Saturday, we packed up the family for a little shopping trip at the Rochester Downtown Farmers Market. Someday I hope to start my own herb and vegetable garden, but until then the farmers market is a great place to buy organic and local food. Our picks included cilantro, shell peas, and organic eggs. I am really wishing we had brought more cash; I had no idea the market would feature so much grass-fed beef (if you don't know why that is important, may I recommend reading The Omnivore's Dilmena by Michael Pollan)! I'd like to make this a bi-monthly errand. In addition to the meat, dairy, and vegetable selections, I noticed a ton of beautiful fresh flowers, home-baked goods, live music, and a balloon artist for the kids. The market is held every Saturday from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. and continues through Oct. 30. Located at 4th St. and 4th Ave SE.

What are your favorite farmers market items?


Lindsey said...

fun! I was at borough market this weekend, so kinda a farmer's market too! i love your pics. My fave items are fruit and veg, but good meat is always a plus too. And flowers!!

Rochester Mom said...

The pickings at this market were slim when it came to fruit. I only noticed raspberries. I wonder if it is hard to grow fruit in Minnesota?