Thursday, July 1, 2010

Daube's Bakery and Cakes

I'd heard good things about Daube's, and we passed it on our way to the park this morning so we stopped in for a quick treat. We ordered two donuts (one original, one with sprinkles) and they were each soft and perfectly sweet. The wall of freshly baked crusty breads look delicious as well. We'll be sure to go back to this family owned bakery. I'd also like to dine at their downtown bistro (sounds like a cozy date, if my husband ever has time for one!).

From their website:
"Daube’s Cakes and Bakery on Civic Center Drive, one block east of Highway 52, is a full line bakery with breads to wedding cakes seven days a week, has been voted Rochester’s best bakery, and is renowned for carrot cakes."

What is your favorite local Rochester eatery?


Jessica SG said...

Daube's is delicious! We've tried the white iced donuts, cream filled chocolate donuts, apple fritters and choc orange cake - all were wonderful! We've also eaten at Jaspers, which I think is the bistro you mentioned...It's my favorite restaurant here so far. Great date night place!

Hippie4ever said...

Twig is great for those with gluten intolerance, very yummy, especially desserts. And can order half plates for children.