Friday, February 4, 2011

Little Dudes-N-Divas Salon

"Dudes only" area of the salon

I'm back! I have been debating on whether to continue this blog or not. I have loved reporting on things that make me love this place. I am just not sure it is worth it for all three of my readers and I also don't know if I have the motivation to go out and seek new readers! However, despite this horrid winter weather, we've continued to explore Rochester and there are too many things I want to share. So it may not be permanent, but get ready for a slew of new posts over the next few days.

The first place is Little Dudes-N-Divas (3270 19th St. NW), a kids-only salon. My children are noticably slow in the hair growing department. Therefore, at his almost third birthday, it was time for my son's first official haircut. The stylist set my son up in front of a movie (he chose Thomas), handed him a sucker (of course asking me if it was alright), and went to work on his hair. He remained apprehensive about it all, but I do think the distractions helped, and he let her work her magic. Meanwhile I was browsing the selection of girly hair accessories in the lobby and purchased a pink, hand-knit ear warmer headband for my daughter. The cost of the cut was $15, which is steep in my opinion for such a tiny trim. I definitely think from now on I'll be attempting to cut his hair myself. However, if you want that classic first hair-cut experience or your child's hair needs more attention, I would recommend this place. If you let them know it is your child's first haircut, they will even provide you with a keepsake photo and lock of hair for the baby book.

Also, I noticed they host birthday parties. They have a number of themes (Princess, rock-n-roll, wacky, etc) that all center around updos, nails, glitter makeup, costumes and dancing. Obviously more geared towards the female clientele, but they do offer boy do's and tattoos for any boys in attendence. The cost for a day party of 6 kids is $140. As a little girl, I know I would have loved something like this.

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Jessica SG said...

Ok, you really should continue this blog! Honestly, Mayo should know about it as they are recruiting residents - it's great to send to the wives to showcase the many fun things to do with kiddos in Rochester...want help in getting the word out about your blog?