Wednesday, December 1, 2010

ABC & Toy Zone

I finally am in the know when it comes to the most popular storytime in town. Peter at ABC & Toy Zone (122 17th Ave NW- located in the Miracle Mile strip mall) is apparently a big hit and today we checked it out. Peter is VERY animated. But I think he read a few too many books (he lost my child's interest after a bit). However, if you stick around to the end (at least on Wednesdays), he hands out balloons. Go here for more events at this fun store.

Storytimes aside, this toy store is amazing! It reminded me a lot of my favorite toy store growing up- stocked to the brim with Playmobile and science kits and other cool specialty toys, plus tables set up everywhere for kids to play with the toys in store. If I had a little more cash I'd be doing my holiday shopping there.

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