Thursday, August 26, 2010

Douglas Trail

This past Sunday our family went for an evening stroll along the Douglas Trail, which is situated near our home. It was beautiful, and I've heard at dusk the lightning bugs come out. I think once fall arrives and the leaves change it will be even more stunning. Hopefully we'll fit in a few more walks before winter.

The Douglas State Trail is a 12.5 mile, multiple use state trail developed on an abandoned railroad grade. This trail crosses outstanding rural scenery, traversing some of the richest agricultural land in Minnesota. One treadway is paved for bicyclists, hikers, in-line skaters and skiers; the other is a natural surface for horseback riders and snowmobilers.

The trail begins in northwestern Rochester, travels through the small town of Douglas (for which the trail is named) and terminates in Pine Island.

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Lindsey said...


cool things to do in your new town. i love how you guys are always out doing fun stuff.